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THE FGTS review (Guarantee Fund for Time of Service) is not a subject well known by Brazilians, but it can yield good extra money. It is about removing the reference rate of monthly correction from the fund, as it does not follow inflation.

For this, it is necessary to enter with action in justice aiming at the application of another rate such as the IPCA (National Consumer Price Index), which measures inflation.

This replacement can guarantee about BRL 10,000 per worker that had FGTS deposited from 1999 until today, even if the amount has been withdrawn, there is still the right to review.

This value is an estimate made by the startup LOIT, but it can vary depending on the time of work and the salary received – which interferes with the monthly amounts deposited in the account. For you to have an idea, go to http://fgts.loitlegal.com.br and do the free calculation.

The statement can be requested through the application. FGTS box.

Waiting for the STF

The STF (Supreme Federal Court) must decide a Direct Action of Unconstitutionality (ADI 5090) of 2014 that requests the exchange of the index of monetary correction for the accounts linked to the FGTS. The trial was scheduled for May 13 this year, but ended up being postponed by the ministers without a new date to discuss the matter again.

How to request the FGTS review?

The review request can be made via attorney, Public Defender of the Union or collective action with the union of the category. In the last situation, it will be necessary to present the following documents:

  • RG;
  • CPF;
  • Work Card;
  • Updated proof of residence;
  • FGTS extract.

The responsible lawyers will represent the worker in court and make the exact calculations to know what will be the increase that must be granted. With the Public Defender the worker will not need to pay for any service.

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