Free airfare on Black Friday? New fake news circulates on Whatsapp

Black Friday is approaching, and with it, the number of fake news on the internet grows. An example of this is the supposed story that Gol Linhas Aéreas is giving away free airline tickets. According to a message on WhatsApp that directs a website, Gol would be distributing airline tickets to people who visit the website in question. In addition, it was necessary to answer generic questions, participate in a box game, and in the end, share a link with friends on WhatsApp. However, it is all a coup.

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Free airfare on Black Friday? New fake news circulates on Whatsapp

Below, check out the scam message, which gave free air tickets on Black Friday:

Black Friday GOL 20 years!! We are giving away free national and international tickets for the first participants in our survey. Take our quiz and redeem your ticket Remaining tickets: Loading…

Question 1 of 4: Have you ever traveled on GOL? Yes No Question 2 of 4: How old are you? 18-29 30-39 40-4950+ Question 3 of 4: What do you think about GOL’s services? Very Good Excellent Fair Dislike Question 4 out of 4: Would you recommend GOL to your friends/family? Yes No

Congratulations! You’ve won Two Tickets for National Travel! ***THE RULES*** 1. You must share with 10 friends about the promotion. 2. Enter your address and complete registration. OK

Given the high cost of plane ticket prices, many people left sharing the link and waiting for the award. So if you’re one of those people, there’s bad news: as in other cases, the free airline ticket ad is false.

In short, even if you follow the steps described in the message in question, it doesn’t happen in the end. There are three things that can happen after you share the link with friends: your cell phone might crash, you might end up on another fake promotions site. Or, you may be directed to a website through affiliate programs.

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