Geraldo Luís explains hospitalization: ‘Diabetes did not pay’ | Column Fabia Oliveira

This past Friday (19), Geraldo Luís had a malaise and because of that he was hospitalized for exams. At the time, fatty plaques were discovered in the arteries of the heart. This Sunday (21), in a live on his Instagram, Geraldo explained what caused the hospitalization and what care will need to be taken from now on.

“We are no longer 20 years old… In the last two weeks, I started to feel absurdly tired. I started looking and, really, the diabetes got out of hand. My diabetes has always been very well controlled, but in the last two weeks it has started to fluctuate. And when diabetes goes up, we really feel bad,” he began.

The presenter explained how the next few days will be: “There was no need to place the stent, they will now take care of it clinically. I’ll have to reduce these fatty plaques, the dietary re-education I’ll have to have, the new medications I’ve already started taking… If I don’t take care of these fatty plaques, which are between 25% and 30%, they can obstruct the veins and, for the diabetic, it can give a heart attack much faster”, added Geraldo.

The presenter also had a very serious condition at Covid-19 at the beginning of the year, when he ended up staying in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit).

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