Health plans cannot charge more for those who do not get vaccinated against Covid-19

According to the body that governs insurance companies, the only price differentiation allowed by the Constitution is ‘pre-existing illnesses’

EFE/EPA/HOTLI SIMANJUNTAKHealth plans cannot charge more to unvaccinated people

Amidst the advance of vaccination against Covid-19 in Brazil, questions regarding the possibility of health plans charging different amounts from those who decided not to take the vaccine have gained momentum. The executive superintendent of the Brazilian Association of Health Plans, Marcos Novaes, reassures the population. According to him, Brazil does not allow price differentiation taking into account vaccination. The only rule applies to so-called “pre-existing diseases”. Anyone who fails to comply with the determination is subject to a fine of R$ 50 thousand per month. “In relation to health plans, it is important for us to make it clear that Brazilian legislation does not allow price differentiation according to the use or not of medication, lifestyle habits or health conditions”, he pointed out. If the plan operator insists on differentiated charging, the insured must seek justice. According to lawyer Marcelo Lucas, the measure is unconstitutional and must be denounced. “If a differentiated charge occurs, the citizen can go to court, including asking for the return in double, because it is an improper charge, and also claim moral damages for discriminatory treatment”, he analyzed.

*With information from reporter Luciana Verdolin