How to apply for a Tem Caixa Credit for your business?

At the end of September, Caixa launched its new credit line through Caixa Tem. In short, the loan program has a high and unfavorable interest rate: 3.99% per month. Furthermore, the loan is intended for both legal entities and individuals. For this reason, check below how to apply for Caixa Tem credit for your business.

About the loan from Caixa Tem

The user can request a loan with a value between R$300 and R$1 thousand. In addition, the Caixa Tem loan will have a rate of 3.99% per month. According to the Central Bank’s Monetary and Credit Statistics report, the average rate for the banking system is 1.45% per month. The interest rate on general personal credit is 2.42% monthly.

Caixa Tem’s loan program is aimed at the low-income population. However, she was heavily criticized by economists, as she has the high risk of indebtedness for the most vulnerable families.

Caixa Tem’s new loan line comes at a time when emergency aid is nearing its end. Furthermore, the government did not find a solution to support Auxílio Brasil, the new social program that should incorporate part of the Brazilians who will be without emergency assistance.

How to apply for a Tem Caixa Credit for your business?

Through the Caixa Tem app, you can request a Caixa Tem credit for your business. It is intended for expenses with suppliers, salaries of helpers/employees, water, electricity and rent bills, purchase of raw materials and merchandise for resale, among others.

To search for services, the customer needs to update the Caixa Tem app. Then, it is necessary to select the option “Update your registration” in the menu. The step-by-step requests the scanning of the identity document, and the user’s “selfie” photo. The registration evaluation takes up to 10 days to complete.

After updating the registration, the account changes from Poupança Social Digital Caixa to Poupança Digital+. After selecting the option “Crédito Caixa Tem”, the customer will be directed to the loan application, where you can make a simulation. If you accept the conditions, the money falls on the same day.

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