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  olavo de oak
Former guru of President Jair Bolsonaro, Olavo de Carvalho
(photo: Reproduction/Youtube)

This Sunday (11/21), the Brazilian Forum (FAB) released a press release denying having been involved in the trip to olavo de oak to the United States. Last night, writer Daniela Abade, through her social networks, reported that the president’s former government Jair Bolsonaro he would be on American soil after using the FAB flight that would be used by the Minister of Communications, Fbio Faria.

The FAB note reiterates that the Institution did not transport any passenger, including Olavo de Carvalho, and that the only passengers inside the aircraft were the crew who carried out mission on board, as explained by the writer. Furthermore, they clarify that the disclosure of untruths, without proper investigation, must be fought.

“Contrary to what has been mentioned about transport on November 11th, the FAB did not request any secrecy to flights designated for the transport of Ministers of State in order to omit viewing on monitoring sites, which is noticeable through their presence, on aircraft, using ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – or, in Portuguese, Automatic Area Surveillance System) equipment”, says the text.

In another part of the statement, the FAB also contradicted the arguments of the landing at Mac Arthur airport on Long Island, saying that this was already scheduled precisely because at JFK airport, in New York, as it is a place of great movement, there are restrictions and US authorities request that the time spent in the yard for international aircraft be at most 2 hours, which would make direct travel to the airport unfeasible.

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