Jeep Commander: 7-seater SUV will be another success of the brand in Brazil? – 11/21/2021

For those who thought that the Commander would be an elongated version of the Compass with space for seven passengers, Jeep made it clear that the story of its first model 100% developed in Brazil is different. Yes, it is very reminiscent of the brand’s average SUV, which is no problem. But getting close to it, you quickly realize that it is another car, starting with its size and then with a considerable dose of luxury.

The Commander is almost 5 meters long and has a very loose wheelbase, measuring 2 meters and 79 centimeters, which is a key factor in ensuring comfort for the passengers in the back, especially for those who sit in the two third-row seats, another attraction of this SUV.

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With the additional seats – which are efficient even for two children, as is the case with most models with this proposal – the trunk is very limited: there are only 233 liters. Already in normal condition, he fancy with 661 liters. The nice thing is that the seats in the middle row are mounted on rails and have reclining backrests, a configuration that ensures plenty of comfort for those behind.

Inside, the concern with the delivery of luxury is still remarkable, with great care in assembling and fitting parts, finishing with rubberized parts, a lot of leather and suede coating, a type of suede mostly in the central panel.

Basic necessity for any model today, even more so for high-end ones, the connectivity offering on the Commander is very good. The multimedia system is the same as Compass, with a 10.1-inch high-resolution screen and comes with Adventure Intelligence, a platform that provides the Alexa function, Amazon’s personal assistant. With it, it is possible to activate several commands from the car and request services, such as finding a nearby pharmacy or restaurant, all by voice command.

Add a list of high-end equipment, complete with intelligent driving support features, such as adaptive cruise control with emergency braking and pedestrian, cyclist or motorcyclist detection, plus lane change alert, license plate recognition, adjustment automatic headlamps, among others.

Stronger turbodiesel engine

Now, in relation to Compass, there is a point that the Commander repeats the recipe: the engine and gear set. It is possible to choose between the new 1.3 turboflex 185 horsepower with automatic transmission of 06 speeds, or 2.0 turbodiesel of 170 horsepower, this one accompanied by the automatic transmission with nine speeds.

It was the version I tried in this review, the Overland TD380, but it has a small difference: the Jeep made some adjustments to increase the torque of the diesel engine, which in the Commander has 38.7 Kgfm, exactly three more than in the Compass. So when you drive the Commander for the first time – a nearly two-ton SUV – your first curiosity is whether it does well with this propeller.

Compared to the brand’s average SUV, just look at performance from 0 to 100 km/h, done in 11.6 seconds, to confirm that the result is positive and very close to the Compass performance. But remember that the Commander is a big car, that is, it delivers good agility, but proportional to its size. In the diesel version, it is also equipped with 4X4 with reduced traction and three terrain modes: sand/mud, snow and auto.

That’s how, with a lot of style, refinement and a good package of technological resources, the Commander wants to look good against competitors like VW Tiguan Allspace and Caoa Chery Tiggo 8, but it can also bother the Toyota SW4 (an SUV mounted on a chassis, but it also carries 07 people and has a diesel engine).

The sales started last October in the pre-sales scheme impressed well, surpassing 7,000 units. We will see from this month onwards, with the model actually in stores, how the result will be. The price is high, but competitive for this segment, which can make the Commander another success of the brand here.

Jeep Commander Overland TD380 4×4 Price: BRL 297,697.00

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