LeBron James attacks Isaiah Stewart in an NBA game and ends up expelled after confusion; watch – sports

An aggression marked the game between Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Lakers, this Sunday, for the regular season of NBA. the american basketball star LeBron James, from the Californian franchise, hit a punch in rival Isaiah Stewart, from the Michigan team.

The move took place in the third quarter of the match. The Pistons had a free throw in their favor. On the shot, in the dispute for the rebound, LeBron tried an elbow, but attacked the opponent with a punch to prevent him from reaching the ball. The move started a general confusion on the court of Little Caesars Arena, in Detroit.

With a bloody face in the region of his right eye, Isaiah Stewart became angry, tried to fight back and was restrained by teammates, who tried to calm the tempers. When the situation seemed under control, the Michigan franchise player tried to find LeBron again and was led off the court.

In front of the scene, LeBron James was expelled for the aggression after the bid review by the game’s referees. After two bad quarters, the Lakers lost the match and needed to reverse the result against one of the worst teams in the Eastern Conference.

In the last quarter, the Los Angeles franchise woke up for the game and won a huge advantage, passing ahead of the marker. In the end, the Lakers win by 121 to 116. LeBron’s team occupies an intermediate position in the Western Conference, with eight wins and nine losses so far in the NBA.