Leila Pereira is the only female president in Serie A

Leila Pereira was elected president of Palmeiras for the next three years. With 1,897 votes, Leila made football history as the first woman to hold the position, not only at Palmeiras, but also the only one when we look at all the clubs in Serie A. women and for all who struggle and are determined. Women from my Brazil and the world, we can do what we want”, said the President.

As the only ticket that ran for the presidency, Leila also brought two more women to the helm. His candidacy was formed by vice presidents Paulo Roberto Buosi, who remained in office, Maria Tereza Ambrósio Bellangero, as second vice president, Neive Conceição Bulla de Andrade, as third, and Tarso Luiz Furtado Gouveia as fourth vice president .

Mauricio Galiotte’s slate, when elected in 2016, had four men on the board: Paulo Roberto Buosi, Décio Perin, Alexandre Zanotta and José Eduardo Luz Caliari.

This is just another chapter in the story that Leila Pereira has already written in Palmeiras. In addition to being the first female president, in her election for the club’s councilor, she set records for the number of votes. In 2017, with 248 votes, and in his re-election in February this year, he beat another record, with 387 votes.

“I’ve always set records, they’ve always trusted me and I’m a woman. People trust me and I won’t let any of them down,” Leila said.

Right after the vote, the new president of Palmeiras granted her first press conference as the next to occupy the position.

“I have two great pillars in this administration. The first: an increasingly victorious Palmeiras, enough of a leading role. We are already protagonists, we want to be victorious. I don’t want second place, I want first. Let’s work for that. And bring the fans closer to the your team.(?) I will continue to do the work with the member, but we have to look at this crowd outside the wall, give access to our club, proximity, with the possibility of buying affordable tickets, the fan can buy a compatible shirt, that he can buy,” he added.