“Looks like the nose of Squidward”

gui araujo
Gui Araújo gets careless and shows everything (Image: Reproduction / The Farm)

Gui Araújo it reverberated on social media, but this time, the reason was an oversight right after bath time in The Farm 2021.

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On Twitter, a video is circulating in which he appears opening the towel with nothing underneath. The situation happened after the party yesterday (19).

While adjusting the towel, he left everything on display and the size ended up dividing opinions. Many praised but others disagreed.

“It looks like the nose of the squid”, opined one person. “What a horrible thing, I thought it was a shameful thing”, commented another. “Does he have phimosis?”, questioned one more.

One netizen, however, disagreed. “This one is far from being the ugliest and smallest, I huh, you’ve never seen one in your life”, commented.

Gui Araújo reveals how he met Anitta

ex-boyfriend of Anitta, participant of recalled dating for 7 months with the singer. He told how the two met and also how it ended between them.

According to the farmer, Anitta sought him out when Instagram started to become a fever in Brazil, including being helped by a famous friend:

She always texted me: ‘Oh, what’s up, I don’t know what… Go to my show and stuff.’ But I’ve always been very shy and went to the dressing room twice and she may not even remember. She was always ‘prafrentex’. She said: ‘I’m in São Paulo at this time, go see me’. Then I went once and Gominho came to me saying: ‘She wants to meet you’”.

In this chat with Valentina Francavilla, Gui stated that the social isolation caused by the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, ended up joining him to the artist:

It is very cool. I dated Larissa because I didn’t know a side of Anitta. Every month we were locked in the same house. It wasn’t show and glamor, it was me and her in pajamas 24 hours a day, but it was sensational. If not then, it would be impossible to change”.

And how did it all end?

The former MTV explained that the beginning of the break between the two was the relaxation of sanitary measures: “When she started to open things up, she already had to move abroad to an international career and that was one of the reasons we distanced ourselves”.

Gui Araújo declared that he could not embark abroad with Anitta, in the midst of the “powerful”’s international career, because he was following his own destiny:

I’m very close to getting some things for myself, like… Helping my family or having something for me. I couldn’t drop everything to be someone’s boyfriend right now. They are choices, right?! She can’t stop to think about anyone in her life and that’s right too. Just as she does this to conquer her things, I had to do this also to conquer mine”.

We said: ‘Look, unfortunately, I can’t go’. Her: ‘Fortunately I have to go.’ We fell in love. It was something that at the beginning of the pandemic gave us great security… I’m still a fan of her and her work”, concluded the São Paulo native.

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