Man declared dead in India found alive in morgue – News

A man declared dead after suffering a traffic accident in India was found alive, breathing, but in critical condition after spending a night in a hospital morgue, the center’s director told AFP on Sunday (21).

Srikesh Kumar, 45, was rushed to a private clinic after being hit by a motorcycle in Moradabad (eastern New Delhi). Declared dead by a doctor at the clinic, on Friday (19) he was transferred to a public hospital to perform an autopsy.

“The emergency doctor examined him. He found no sign of life and consequently declared him dead,” hospital director Rajendra Kumar said.

The body was placed in a cold room at the morgue until his family arrived six hours later. When a police team and his family arrived to go through the administrative process to authorize the autopsy, they found him alive.

The man is still in a coma. “This is nothing short of a real miracle,” commented the hospital director. However, an investigation is underway to determine the reason for the misdiagnosis.

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