Man loses R$33 thousand in coup via Pix in Araraquara

Mechanical engineer was victim of embezzler who posed as bank manager (Photo: Pixabay)

A 31-year-old mechanical engineer lost R$33 thousand in a swindle via cell phone this Friday (19), in Araraquara.

According to the police report, the victim had received a call from an alleged manager of a bank branch informing him that suspicious transactions were being carried out in his account via Pix – an instant electronic payment method.

The false manager would have emphasized that the “Central Bank” was trying to cancel these transactions, and that the victim’s cell phone was also being cloned. Also according to the BO, the scammer informed that he would need to carry out some procedures to block these transactions.

To stop these transactions, the fake manager would have sent a link via Whatssap with a text to be copied and pasted into the victim’s Pix account, through the bank’s application. However, after following the instructions of the “manager”, the victim noticed that several transactions via Pix were carried out, totaling a loss of R$33 thousand.

Police investigate the case.


Be wary of suspicious calls and return to the Call Center of the bank branch or card operator. Call from another number or after five minutes, as the scammers tap into the victim’s phone for up to two minutes after the contact is finalized – even if you call the number provided on the card, the scammer will answer the call.