Man presumed dead found alive in morgue in India

NEW DELHI, INDIA – A man who had been in a traffic accident was presumed dead by hospital staff and taken to the morgue for an autopsy. Six hours later, he was taken out alive – and no one knows how this happened. The case was informed by the director of the hospital, located in New Delhi, capital of India, to AFP, this Sunday.

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Srikesh Kumar, 45, was hit by a motorcycle in Moradabad (eastern New Delhi) and was referred to a private clinic. The emergency physician found no sign of life and transferred the man to a public hospital, where an autopsy would be performed.

Six hours later, the family arrived to recognize the body and it was detected that he was breathing. “This is nothing short of a real miracle,” said hospital director Rajendra Kumar. An investigation is ongoing to determine the reason for the misdiagnosis. Kumar is still in a coma and his health is critical.

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miracle or neglect

According to the hospital, the case is being treated as one of the “most rare” cases there, and Moradabad’s chief medical superintendent, Dr. Shiv Singh, said “we can’t call it negligence.” However, the one who noticed that the man was breathing and moving was Kumar’s sister-in-law, Madhu Bala. According to The Times of India, she claimed he was nearly killed when he was placed in a freezer. She also stated that he has not yet regained consciousness, and that his family will file a complaint against the doctors for negligence.