Marcão praises Fluminense fans and team performance against América-MG: “Tactically Perfect” | Rio de Janeiro

Fluminense beat América-MG by 2-0 and won a position in the Brazilian Championship table – now it is in the seventh. Coach Marcão liked what he saw and praised the team’s behavior this Sunday during the 90 minutes.

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– A great game. Our team played in the opposing field and already deserved the goal in the first half. In the second half, we knew that the América team was going to launch, but even so the team (from Fluminense) scored very strong, it was tactically perfect.

Marcão, Fluminense coach — Photo: André Durão

Next Wednesday, at 9:30 pm (GMT), again at Maracanã, Tricolor will face off against Internacional, in eighth place, with 47 points (Flu has 48).

– Once again, we have to praise our 12th player, who played together with the team all the time and helped us make a difference once again. Already designing the midweek game, we ask you to be present once again, encouraging us to really make another great game and try to achieve another great victory. Today they delivered everything we proposed and we deservedly left with a great victory against a great opponent.

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Luiz Henrique and Nino lack the team on Wednesday? And who replaces André?

– Luiz came from an inactive time, he entered, gave his all, and we hope it’s not a big deal. About Nino, doctors will have to reevaluate him. We lost Andrezão for this match. It’s knowing that whoever enters will match so that we can have a great match and to keep the points here at home.

Search for balance away from home

– It is important to emphasize the balance of this competition. We are very happy for being very strong at home, with our fans pushing us, it has made a difference. They don’t even know how much they’ve helped us. And we will seek this regularity abroad to play the same way we play at home. This Brazilian is a little different from two years ago. We hope to do our part at home and seek balance abroad.