Murilo Huff exposes Marília Mendonça’s old declaration and fans get emotional

The singer’s fans Marília Mendonça were thrilled on social media with an old declaration of the artist retrieved by a profile. In December 2019, when Leo, your son with the singer Murilo Huff, was less than a month old, the famous woman said that she was “in order to be with you (Murilo) for another 200 years”.

When a netizen said that Marília was more in love than usual, she confirmed the information and tore up her praises to her boyfriend. “I have a son of the most dedicated man in the world who manages to split up perfectly without having to leave either side to one side.… How not to be in love?”, she asked.

huff gets emotional

The rescue made by fans of the couple reached Murilo Huff, who commented on the statements and revealed that he had never read the text, as he was not used to being very present on the social network of small texts. “What a beautiful thing… It wasn’t much of Twitter, I had never read it“he said, leaving emojis of crying and love.

As it would be no different, the fans also reacted and left affectionate messages. “I was dating their relationship, help me, I was silly before and I get silly now“, wrote a user. “They were very passionate, and she made us very passionate about them too,” said another.

See Marília Mendonça’s statement exposed by fan:

Exciting video

Last week, when the death of Marília Mendonça completed a week, Murilo Huff spoke again about the mother of his son on social media. On the occasion, the famous shared a video that shows several moments of the couple and was moved by a text left between the images. He talks about loves that were not lived and even thanked him for the opportunity to have been able to live with the sertaneja.

There are loves that were not meant to be lived. They were made to be kept in memory and by remembrance to be felt. Sometimes, fate separates, but we can only be grateful for the privilege of having been able to live love in this way. And, as much as it hurts not to be with that person forever, we still appreciate the luck of having lived something true as it was meant to be. As fleeting as it is, we will never forget, because a drop of that love is often bigger and more intense than an ocean of other loves,” he said.

It is worth remembering that Marília and four other people were involved in a plane crash in the interior of Minas Gerais on November 5th. None of them survived.

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