Nelio shocks Dolores with revelation

In the next chapters of In the Emperor’s Times, Zayla (Heslaine Vieira) engages a romance with Tonic (Alexander Nero). Nonetheless, Nelio (John Pedro Zappa) makes a point of telling everything to Dolores (Daphne Bozaski).

It all starts when Zayla gets out of jail, goes after the villain and proposes an alliance. The deputy, however, grows his eyes on the rival of cornerstone (Gabriela Medvedvoski) and they soon start having an extramarital relationship.


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The villain starts giving Zayla the life of a princess, installs his lover in one of the best rooms in the casino in Quinzinho (August Madeira) and fills it with pampering. The two even kiss. A few days later, Tonico placed an order with the young woman and bought the studio of Madame Lambert (Lorena da Silva) for the daughter of Candida (Dani Ornellas).

It doesn’t take long for Nelio find out that the boss is getting involved with another woman. In love with the colonel’s youngest daughter Eudoro (José Dumont), the lawyer opens up and reveals to Dolores that Tonico has an affair with Zayla.

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