next payments of R$1,200 start soon; see who receives · Mediamax Newspaper

The next PIS-PASEP payments, which must be up to BRL 1.2 thousand (depending on the confirmation of the value of the minimum wage) must begin in January 2022. Normally, the payment of the allowance started in the 2nd semester of the year and extended until the 1st semester of the following, but this did not occur in 2021, as the federal government had to repurpose the resources.

Resolution No. 896 provides that the values ​​of PIS-PASEP 2022 will be paid from january to december of each year to workers identified based on information provided by employers in the previous year.

Thus, the receipt calendar takes into account the month of birth of the private sector worker and according to the final registration number in the case of public servants.

For employees of private companies, PIS is paid by Caixa Econômica Federal. As for the civil service, Banco do Brasil is responsible for PASEP payments.

About 23 million workers are entitled to the salary bonus.

How much will I get from PIS-PASEP?

Remember that the allowance is proportional to the number of months worked, Look:

  • Anyone who worked a month should receive — R$ 100
  • Anyone who worked for two months should receive — R$ 200
  • Those who worked for three months should receive — BRL 300
  • Those who worked for four months should receive — R$400
  • Anyone who worked for five months should receive — R$400
  • Anyone who worked for six months should receive — R$600
  • Those who worked seven months should receive — R$700
  • Those who worked for eight months should receive — R$ 800
  • Those who worked for nine months should receive — R$900
  • Those who worked for ten months should receive — R$1,000
  • Those who worked for eleven months should receive — BRL 1,100
  • Anyone who worked twelve months should receive — R$ 1,200

who receives the allowance

The PIS (Social Integration Program) is paid to workers who work in private companies, while the PASEP (Program for the Formation of Public Servant Heritage) is intended for public servants.

O salary allowanceprovided for in the law is the constitutional benefit of the worker’s right that:

  • Have been registered for at least 5 years in PIS;
  • Has received from an employer a legal entity average remuneration of up to 2 (two) minimum wages in the period worked in the base year;
  • Have worked with a formal contract for at least 30 days in the base year;
  • It can be found in the RAIS – Annual Social Information Report – relevant to the base year.

These same requirements are maintained in relation to citizens who also work for at least 30 days during 2021.

It is important to highlight that, for workers who receive PIS, payment is made at Caixa Econômica, lottery houses or Caixa Aqui correspondents. In turn, those who are entitled to PASEP receive at Banco do Brasil.