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Rico Melquiades woke up irritated this Sunday morning (21) in A Fazenda 13. When he left his room, the current farmer came across a sink full of dirty dishes in the kitchen and could not find any clean glass to drink from. “There are no conditions,” he complained.

“Anyone who wants to cook for his friend asks if he’s going to wash it. If not, you’re the one who’s going to wash it,” suggested the former MTV. “It doesn’t have a cup. This coffee thing had a mug in it,” he described, as he vented his indignation with Mileide Mihaile.

“Even people don’t take eggs anymore”, she added, who also didn’t like to see the dirt in the kitchen. The man from Alagoas then began to wash the dishes. “I’m waking up every day and washing everything. And they’re enjoying it,” he snapped.

After washing some of the dishes, Rico went down to the animal area to help Mileide. “Not finished?” she asked. “Not yet, can you believe it?” he replied. “I get disgusted. If we talk, it’s boring, it’s bad, bossy, wants to show up. Then, I didn’t talk anymore, it makes me feel disgusted”, vented Wesley Safadão’s ex-wife.

“If I mention a name, because I know… But today I’m going to talk, everyone will be locked up to get the balls”, said the farmer, referring to the Fire Test draw.

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