Outside the Show of the Famous, Fiuk should be the new singer of Legião Urbana – 11/21/2021

Unfortunately he gave the obvious and Fiuk was eliminated from the Show of the Celebrities. Domingão’s talent show with Huck will not feature the precious participation of the singer in its next phases.

I consider it an injustice. The notorious ex-BBB had one of the most iconic passages of the format in Brazil. You see, he debuted as Amy Winehouse, went through Harry Styles, Raul Seixas and left after being acclaimed by judges and audiences as Renato Russo.

It’s a bold and extremely fun sequel. The false breasts from her debut singing “Valerie” will surely be remembered for generations to come.

Well, but Fiuk is out of competition. The competition’s bad luck. What matters now is that his performance as band leader of Legião Urbana was simply fascinating. Not by chance, everyone scored 10. Even Boninho, even after all those cardboards committed by the singer at BBB!

I know that today there are several imbroglios surrounding the use of the Legião Urbana brand. There is no consensus between the heir of Renato Russo and the artists who transformed Brazilian popular music together with the bard of Brasília.

It would be great to see them agreeing on a new incarnation of the group, this time under the tutelage of Fábio Júnior’s son. Showed resourcefulness and respect for the legacy.

After some tributes, like those with Wagner Moura and André Frateschi, I think it’s time to fill stadiums to sing “Será” in addition to the Raça Negra concerts.

We return at any time with new information.