PSDB previews: Doria and Virgílio defend conclusion next Sunday; milk in 48 hours

The PSDB pre-candidates for the Presidency of the Republic João Doria (SP) and Arthur Virgílio (AM) criticized, last Sunday night (21), at a press conference, the voting process in the party’s caucuses by application and affirmed the intention to carry out the continuation of the vote on the 28th, next Sunday.

“Vigilio and I advocated from the beginning we advocated the use of electronic voting machines. A transparent system, legitimized for 25 years. For reasons that we do not know, the party chose a hybrid form”, said the governor of São Paulo, João Doria.

The proposal of the two candidates is that the vote be held next Sunday, with the process being carried out within 12 hours, to facilitate voting through the application.

“It’s not a political issue, it’s a technical issue […]The forecast for the 28th was already established. The electronic voting machines will be available, the application can and should be improved for next week”, said Doria.

A few minutes after the speeches by Doria and Arthur Virgilio, the governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite, manifested himself. He argued that the completion of the voting process is done within 48 hours. “It’s the deadline for technically fixing the application,” explained Leite, referring to the technical problems presented by the voting platform throughout the day.

“For this process to be considered integral, a process as a whole, it cannot have a discontinuity of a whole week, in which new approaches, new campaigns, new mobilizations will take place. Some have already voted in light of the information they had so far, others will vote with new campaigns. It will be an unbalanced process”, said Leite about a vote on the 28th.

The PSDB suspended the caucuses, late this Sunday afternoon, after a failure in the voting system.

Read the note from João Doria and Arthur Virgilio


Since the beginning of the preliminary process, the campaigns of PSDB candidates for the presidency of the Republic, João Doria and Arthur Virgilio, defended the broad participation of all affiliates.

They also defended the use of electronic voting machines, which govern the Brazilian electoral system in a safe, simple and transparent manner.

During the entire process, he was alerted about the application’s fragility and the instability and insecurity problems that the proposed model could bring to the primaries.

Even in the face of warnings from both campaigns and from Kryptus, an audit contracted by the party itself to ensure the fairness of the election, the PSDB board chose to keep the contract with FAUGRS (Support Foundation of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, headquartered in Pelotas) and the use of the platform.

Given the numerous failures of the application itself, which occurred during the entire voting process, this Sunday (21), it is necessary to immediately adjust the application.

It is urgent to resume the process of choosing the candidate, respecting the toucan members and their right to vote.

Both Doria and Arthur Virgílio defend the date of November 28, next Sunday, so that the preliminary process can be concluded quickly, efficiently and fairly. Recalling that the deadline was already foreseen in a resolution by the Previous Committee as a possible second round.

Prolonging even more the preliminary process would be a disrespect to the toucan affiliates and to the democratic process.

João Doria and Arthur Virgilio

Read Eduardo Leite’s note

Considering that, according to the call for proposals, the election ends this Sunday at midnight.

whereas the committee for coordinating the caucuses has already been dissolved;

whereas the voting application did not function properly, making it impossible for most affiliates to vote legitimately;

Considering that today there is no technical manifestation by the companies guaranteeing the possibility of voting by all affiliates through the application;

Eduardo Leite’s campaign is manifested in the name of common sense, the speed of the process and maintenance of the electoral rules by completing the process in, at most, 48 hours, requiring an amendment to the notice with a new deadline;

Also because it would be nonsense to have done everything to guarantee the safety of the voting, such as reducing the deadline to only Sunday, and now wanting to extend the time to a week, increasing the risks that were minimized before.

Another nonsense is now to postpone the vote when this same procedure was harshly criticized and rejected by the other candidates. If we couldn’t postpone it before, when could we have allowed more testing and technical security of the app, like now, with so many problems detected, are we going to postpone it for a week?

Eduardo Leite’s campaign accepts a further 48 hours of voting, as long as the technical capacity for voting is guaranteed by all those registered who wish to do so.

With more than that, the previews would lose their completeness, either because of the deadline, or because of the number of voters, or because of the technical incapacity of the application, or because of the aggression of the electoral normative act or because of the allegations of irregularities of all kinds, which have swelled in the today and could lead to unwanted judicializations and investigations.

Let’s vote and that on Tuesday the PSDB presents its candidate to change Brazil.

Eduardo Leite
And the former PSDB presidents
Tasso Jereissati
José Aníbal
Pepper from Veiga
Teotônio Vilela Filho