PSDB previews: Doria e Leite meet with Bruno Araújo and propose to extend voting time; process can be suspended

BRASILIA — The instability in the application for registering votes for the PSDB’s caucuses remains this Sunday afternoon, and the release of the final result should be postponed once again — earlier, it went from 3 pm to 6 pm. The governors of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite, and São Paulo, João Doria, are currently meeting with the president of the acronym, Bruno Araújo, to decide which direction to take.

Both Doria’s and Leite’s groups have already proposed to extend the voting time, which could extend the process until dawn this Monday.

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A supporter of Leite, deputy Paulo Abi Ackel, president of the Minas Gerais directory, went further and stated that the problems in the system could “make impracticable” the “legitimate right to vote”. More thoughtful, the governor of Rio Grande do Sul listed the suspension of the caucuses as a “possible solution”.

— Based on the evolution, take the decision on the best referral, whether it is suspension, extension, postponement. This solution must come from a technical report – said Leite.

Formally, the Rio Grande do Sul board has already requested a meeting with the PSDB’s National Executive to assess the problems in the system.

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Recently, Doria announced on her social networks that she had left the Ullysses Guimarães Convention Center, where the caucuses take place, to go to the party’s headquarters, where a bunker was set up to monitor the results of the internal elections.

“We want previews, fairness and that all registered members have the right to vote!”, published Doria, on social networks.

According to tucano leaders, the greatest instability occurred in the application’s facial recognition tool, which certifies that the member who is voting is himself. Members received information that the application developed by the Support Foundation of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul did not obtain sufficient licenses to make the certification of all voters.

The report followed a conversation between federal deputy Lucas Redecker (PSDB-RS), from Leite’s coordination, and state deputy Cauê Macris (PSDB-SP), from Doria’s team, about the possibility of bringing the two teams together to reach a solution. For now, the most likely of the hypotheses put forward is to extend the vote for a longer time.

— If people are failing to register the vote. It’s best to extend that voting time until tomorrow,” Redecker said.

Councilwoman Patrícia Bezerra (PSDB) has been trying to register her vote in the app for six hours – and still hasn’t succeeded. – It’s been a test of patience. They made a technology to improve the process, but it only got worse. Every time I put the second verification code back to the home screen – she said.

Initially, voting, which started at 7 am, was supposed to end at 3 pm. Then, given the first failures, the process was extended to up to 18 hours.

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