Rico criticizes pedestrians for walking away from Dayane Mello

Even with several fights and the cut on his jacket, Rico Melquiades isn’t being Dayane Mello’s biggest tormentor in “The Farm 13”, with the pawn taking a very peaceful approach with the model.

Since the discovery that she was the author of the attack on the coat, the ex-On Vacation with the Ex has said that he will not exclude her from confinement, and has become angry with other pedestrians who did such an act on the program.

“I started to analyze that Dynho and MC Gui were very close to the girl, then they saw yesterday that Valentina had put up that bunch of signs, they saw that Valentina left and they walked away from the girl”, he vented to Mileide Mihaile and Marina Ferrari.

To me they are, or worse, or equal to her. Because either you’re there with the person and you see the attitude before… Or now because you saw that Valentina left and saw the signs, the girl is alone”.

“I do not agree with this. I just told Marina, can you believe it? I said that everyone was playing with me yesterday, but I stayed with her a lot at the party, I don’t know if you noticed… Because I won’t agree with that”, declared Mileide.

“No, I saw it. But I’m not talking about you, because you were always kept away from Day. You, Marina… I’m talking about the two of them, especially, they were together with the girl”, explained Rico, who believes that the two pedestrians in question walked away because they saw that “the boat is sinking”.

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The new good-natured Day since the elimination of Valentina, showed her generosity at dawn this Sunday, November 21, in a conversation with MC Gui and Gui Araujo.

The model from Santa Catarina once again showed her high self-esteem. The former participant of the “Gran Fratello Vip”, from Italy, said that she does not use all her power to give opportunity for other women to shine too.

“I told Aline yesterday… The power I have as a woman, I use only 10% to let other women shine even more”, began the model.

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I don’t even use all the power I have! Because if I did, it wouldn’t be nice for them. Because I have intelligence and power. There are a lot of women who don’t have power and only have intelligence”.

“And there are women who have power and lack intelligence. So, unfortunately, there are many women who want to be that woman… Who has her power, who has her intelligence…”, Dayane praised.

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