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The theme of the writing of the 2021 edition of Enem (National High School Exam) was “Invisibility and civil registration: guaranteeing access to citizenship in Brazil”. Teachers heard by UOL evaluated the subject as “quiet for the students”, allowing for an “excellent debate”. Among the students, there were those who found it easy and others who rated the topic as complex and challenging.

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“The word ‘citizenship’ has developed in society since classical periods. Today, it is related to the quality of being a citizen and, consequently, subject of rights and duties, which are also guaranteed by the Federal Constitution of 1988, called ‘ citizen.” This defends the active participation of a human being in society.

However, this guarantee is not fully implemented in Brazilian society, since the lack of civil registration perpetuates a social invisibility that needs to be mitigated. Given this scenario, it is worth highlighting the importance of civil registration of birth for the beginning of citizenship in the country. In the book ‘Vidas Secas’, by Graciliano Ramos, Fabiano’s children are identified as ‘older’ and ‘younger’, evidencing the absence of a name by which they could be identified and, mainly, particularized. This issue is not seen only in fiction, since Modernism had the purpose of promoting social denunciations through literature. Thus, it is noted that, despite being a free benefit guaranteed by the Federal Constitution, many children are still not registered and, consequently, are not effective Brazilian citizens.

Furthermore, another important aspect to be highlighted is how the absence of documents can affect a citizen’s life in relation to receiving affirmative action. According to the Invisibility Map, released by the IBGE, almost 4 million Brazilians do not have basic documents. This issue had a negative impact on the Brazilian population during the pandemic period, as they needed to have access to ‘Emergency Aid’, a benefit provided by the government for a more dignified confrontation of the crisis. Therefore, it is necessary to implement measures to reduce the number of citizens who still cannot enjoy their rights.

It is clear, therefore, what measures are needed to eliminate the social invisibility caused by the absence of civil records. In this sense, it is important that the Courts of Justice throughout the national territory expand the program called ‘Itinerant Justice’, which runs through Brazilian cities to ensure the population’s birth documentation. This can be done through the purchase of more buses and circulation in cities that perhaps had not yet been covered. Thus, it will be possible to guarantee that more citizens have full access to their rights and can actively participate in society.”

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