The Farm: Find out who won this Sunday’s Trial of Fire (21)

A new Fire Test took place this Sunday (24) and three pedestrians from “The Farm 13” disputed the possession of the lamp: Aline Mineiro, Bil Araújo and Mileide Mihaile! The dynamic led the pedestrians to spin in a chair, cross a bridge and, finally, fit some boxes into a jig. See everything that went down and find the winner!

(Photo: Record TV)

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The choice of pawns, as usually happens, was based on a draw at the headquarters. Few parts of the race were broadcast on Playplus, the official streaming of Record TV, but what is known is that the three pedestrians needed a lot there. focus and balance.

Aline, bil and mileide they need to rotate several times in a chair, cross a ball pool bridge, and finally fit the boxes to the jig.

who did well was Aline. She gained the power of the lantern and can choose between the red or yellow flame. Whoever chooses the red one must select 3 pawns, from the stall or from the headquarters. The third roceiro must be pulled from among these chosen ones and not from the stall, as usual, to roam. The yellow one will only be released during the formation of the farm live this Tuesday (21).

VOTE: Which pawn is your favorite to win “The Farm 13”?

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