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Credit: Disclosure / São Paulo

With the weekend free, the tricolor is getting ready to face Athletico, in Brasileirão. Therefore, informs everything that happened involving São Paulo this Tuesday.

For the tricolor, a real dilemma, as it is still in a difficult situation in Brasileirão. On the other hand, the reinforcements are already starting to be aired, among them the duo of defenders who belong to Botafogo.


With an eye on Athletico Paranaense, São Paulo should have the return of striker Jonathan Calleri. Therefore, the likely escalation is: Tiago Volpi, Igor Vinícius, Arboleda, Miranda and Reinaldo; Rodrigo Nestor, Igor Gomes, Gabriel Sara and Vitor Bueno; Rigoni and Calleri.


In a big phase at São Paulo and Ecuador, Arboleda still has an uncertain future in Brazil. Although the tricolor has already offered some proposals, the beque still doesn’t seem financially satisfied with them.

Injured snapper

With a wrist injury, the striker underwent surgery on Saturday. Fortunately, everything went well, however, there is still no forecast for the attacker’s return.

Rafael Navarro

Wanted by several clubs in the country, and author of the assistance that gave Botafogo’s title goal in Serie B, Navarro should not remain in the team. With the contract ending in December, the striker interests several clubs in the country, including the tricolor.

duo of defenders

The president of Botafogo, Durcesio Mello, granted an interview to journalist Alexandre Pretzel, ruling out the possibility of Kanu and Marcelo Benevenuto closing with São Paulo. The duo came to be speculated in São Paulo, but according to the leader of the glorious, Kanu must remain at the club. Meanwhile, Benevenuto, featured in Serie A, should close with another club.


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