Unimed Vale do Aço implements a process for greater protection of patient data

November 16, 2021 | 15:44

Unimed Vale do Aço implements a process for greater protection of patient data

As a way to improve the security of internal processes, ballot boxes for the disposal of sensitive documents were implemented at Hospital Metropolitano Unimed, in Coronel Fabriciano. The objective is to promote the correct and safe disposal of documents that contain confidential and sensitive information about patients, explains Unimed Vale do Aço’s advisors. Health Waste), Adeniz Macedo, in partnership with Maintenance Building.

??We elaborated the proposal to format and formalize the disposal of sensitive documents in the institution. Maintenance Building reused parts of disused furniture for the construction of ballot boxes that will receive documents containing sensitive data. In compliance with the LGPD (General Data Protection Law), we will carry out the disposal in a safe way so that people do not have access to the information contained in these documents”, explained Adeniz.


Also according to the hotel manager, “the implementation of this flow complies with the new rules established by the LGPD so that documents containing sensitive data from individuals are not disseminated in an erroneous manner”.

The General Law for the Protection of Personal Data (LGPD or LGPDP), Law No. 13.709/2018, is the Brazilian legislation that regulates the activities of processing personal data.


The urns were made available in areas with the greatest waste generation, such as assistance, as part of the new prescription disposal process. Two urns were installed in the Inpatient Unit, one in the Intensive Care Unit and one in the Emergency Room. The other areas that do not have constant generation of waste from this type of document will be met with a periodic schedule by requesting the collection of material.

From the disposal in the generating areas, the material will be transferred to the hospital’s temporary waste shelter, then sealed and sent to its final treatment, which is the incineration carried out by the company hired by Unimed Vale do Aço. flow, the company will issue a certificate.

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