Unlucky, Fiuk overcomes tamarins, scores a ten, but is eliminated from the Show of the Famous · TV News

Unlucky, Fiuk ended up being eliminated from the Show dos Famosos even after winning four tens with his tribute to Renato Russo (1960-1996) this Sunday (21). The singer left the monkeys that he paid for and drew praise even from JB de Oliveira, known as Boninho, considered the executioner among the judges. “I’m going to hold back the crying because I have a reputation for crying,” he snapped.

The singer has already confessed that he needed some therapy sessions to overcome his fear of performing in the frame, especially after becoming a joke on social media when imitating Amy Winehouse and Harry Styles. He, however, did well and surprised the web by becoming the lead singer of Legião Urbana.

Boninho even got up to give Luciano Huck a top score. “Thank you so much, man, it’s a big challenge. I have fun, I surrender. Getting here and receiving this grade makes it all worthwhile,” said the emotional ex-BBB.

Preta Gil agreed with her fellow member. “You went in in one piece. Today I didn’t see fear, I didn’t see you halfway. When I knew you would play Renato, I was scared. The famous prejudice. And you broke me with your talent, your surrender. His soul came close. of you, I could feel it”, he praised.

Fiuk also got a ten from Claudia Raia and also from the popular jury, but was no match for Margareth Menezes, who honored Sandra de Sá, and Gloria Groove, by Justin Timberlake. “Guys, it was a pleasure. I really enjoyed participating”, thanked the musician, leaving the program.

See the ranking of the Show of the Famous:

1st place: Glooria Groove, with 159.2 points;
2nd place: Margareth Menezes, with 158.9 points;
3rd place: Fiuk, with 158.6 points;

Check out the repercussion of Domigão with Huck this Sunday (21):