Vettel general squeezing blame for poor start in Qatar

Vettel secured tenth place in the Qatar GP, held at the Losail Circuit (Photo: Aston Martin/Reproduction)


Sebastian Vettel finished the first Qatar GP in Formula 1 history in tenth place, the same position in which he started with his Aston Martin. However, taking into account the result obtained by his teammate, Lance Stroll – who was sixth -, there was the feeling that the German could have added a greater amount of points. And the view is corroborated by the four-time champion, who saw his race hampered in the first corner.

“Yeah, we’re basically behind the little train [de carros] on turn one, so it was a good recovery, but it was not ideal because we lost a lot of ground”, said the German, who saw enough performance at Aston Martin to achieve a better result. “The pace was good to recover, but we could have achieved more today”, believes Vettel, who leaves Qatar with a point in the bag.

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Sebastian Vettel during the Qatar F1 GP dispute, this Sunday (Photo: Aston Martin)

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Sebastian complained about the first moments after the start, especially when turning to the first corner, when he ended up being “boxed” by other cars. Vettel said he tried to pass the competitors on the outside, but lost grip when he touched the sand part off the track.

“The car was fast and I felt good, so I think it has a positive side”, emphasizes the four-time world champion. “But at turn one I got squeezed and I had nowhere to go, I tried to go outside, but there was more sand than I expected,” admitted the driver, who finished four places behind Stroll.

Formula 1 picks up speed again on the first weekend of December, at the first GP in Saudi Arabia in the category’s history, between December 3rd and 5th.

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