Action by entities will sell liters of gasoline at R$4.40 this Thursday in São José and Caraguá | Paraíba Valley and Region

An action, carried out in partnership between the Petrobrás Social Observatory (OSP) and the National Federation of Oil Workers (FNP), will sell gasoline at R$4.40 this Thursday (25th) to car drivers and motoboys for applications in São José dos Campos and Caraguatatuba.

In São José the event will start at 10 am and in Caraguá at 9 am – the amount of fuel is limited (see addresses below).

The value is about 35% cheaper than the average price of fuel recorded in the last week, which reaches R$ 6.75. The measure is a protest against the Import Parity Price (read more below).

To participate, you will need to prove that you are working with a valid registration in a transport application, purchase coupons – with the specified amount of fuel – which will be the ticket to buy the cheapest gasoline at the participating gas station in each city.

To have access to cheaper gasoline, you will need to fill out a registration form and like the pages of the Petrobras Social Observatory on social networks. The action will also take place in the cities of Santos (SP), Angra dos Reis (RJ) and Manaus (AM).

The action will start at 10:00 am at the BR gas station on Avenida de Deputado Benedito Matarazzo, next to CenterVale. In the city, 3,000 liters of gasoline can be purchased with the sale of 100 vouchers for app car drivers (with a limit of 15 liters of gasoline per vehicle) and 150 for motorcycle couriers and app delivery people (limited to 10 liters each vehicle).

In the city, the action will start at 9 am in a tent next to the Auto Posto Britânia, at Rua Álvaro Theodoro da Cruz, 415, in Jardim Britânia. 3,000 liters of gasoline can be purchased. Each voucher is limited to 9 liters.

The Import Parity Price (PPI) is the name of the policy that the government and Petrobras established to define fuel prices. According to the FNP, Brazil currently produces 80% of the fuel consumed in the country and imports 20%.

Due to the PPI, all fuel is treated as if it were imported, according to the entity.

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