Afraid of threats, Rico asks for protection to leave “The 13th Farm”

Peão was concerned with the speech of rivals (Photo: Reprodução/RecordTV)

Peão was concerned with the speech of rivals (Photo: Playback/RecordTV)

Rich Melquiades is afraid of threats from MC Gui and Gui Araújo in “The 13th Farm”. This Wednesday (24), the pawn vented with Arcrebiano, better known as Bil, about the possibility of talking with the Record production to ask for protection on the exit of the reality show. The intention is to lose rivals.

“I swear to you, when I get out of here, I’m going to get in a car and I don’t want anyone to know which car I’m leaving. I’ll just ask the production, ‘Look, no one can know what car I’m leaving.’ people are wanting to give me sandpaper out there,” commented the man from Alagoas.

MC Gui and Gui Araújo threatened Rico at dawn on Tuesday (24), after an argument in which the influencer came to Solange Gomes’ defense. The bullshit started with the woman criticizing the fireworks display that the two received when they returned from the countryside. According to her, Rico read aloud the farmer’s manual to explain that stressing animals is against the rules of the game.

“We’re going to put some maloqueiros to talk to you (Rico) on the way out. There will be an hour of debate with the brothers,” said Gui Araújo, who had already said that the “maloqueiros” were responsible for the fires. “Boy, there’s going to be some bums there. You can talk to them out there,” agreed MC Gui, laughing.

Then, Anitta’s ex-boyfriend insisted on ensuring that the “conversation” would not be via the internet. In tune with his colleague, MC Gui agreed that the conversation should take place in person. It was there that Araújo even mentioned the number of men involved. “Half a dozen will want to exchange an idea,” he fired.

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