After ‘marrying’ alone, model Cris Galera says she’s going to get divorced to parade at the SP Carnival | Carnival 2022 in São Paulo

Model and actress Cristiane Galera, 34 years old, decided to “ask for a divorce from herself” to parade at Carnaval 2022 in São Paulo. We explain: tired of disappointments in love, in August Cris did a rehearsal in front of the São João de Brito Parish, in the South Zone of São Paulo, to mark the moment in which she “married herself”.

The “wedding” was highlighted in the international press and reported on the New York Post website.

Cria Galera’s “marriage” was highlighted in the international press and was published on the New York Post website. — Photo: Reproduction

Known as a “lawyer” on social media, the model says she will spend her honeymoon in London next month to do her fourth nude rehearsal, this time for “Playboy” and, on her return, will ask for a divorce to enjoy the revelry.

Cris says he’s going to parade at the Anhembi sambódromo at the Colorado do Brás samba school, which next year he pays homage to the writer Carolina Maria de Jesus with the samba-enredo “Carolina, a Cinderela Negra do Canindé”.

Model Cris Galera, known as ‘lawyer’: marriage for love of herself and divorce for love of carnival — Photo: Davi Borges/Divulgação

THE The practice of marrying oneself has a name: sologamy. Cris says that he decided to follow the practice “because you love a lot”.

“I’ve had a lot of love relationships that didn’t work out. A man is jealous, he betrays us… Besides, in my profession we are in a hurry all the time, there is no time to have a relationship. I was in a moment so spiritually ‘consecrated’, so well with myself, that I had this idea. I love me a lot! I knew that this is a practice that exists and is very common worldwide among women”, she says.

To parade at the carnival, however, Cris thought it was worth giving up the wedding to make a dream come true.

“I think it will be a new phase next year. I’m going to London on my honeymoon and then I’m back for a walk. It’s my dream is to parade at the carnival, I’ll be the school’s muse. But I’m not going to walk around married, I’m going to get a divorce”, she laughs.

Model Cris Galera, known as ‘lawyer’: marriage for self-love and divorce for carnival love — Photo: Davi Borges / Publicity

“I’m excited to be single again. Marrying ourselves is different, right? It was a wonderful experience, you have to love each other. I’m a scorpion, I do whatever I can,” he said.

For your debut at the carnival, Cris promises to go topless and using only smock. She is comfortable naked and has posed four times for men’s magazines.

“In December I’m going out at Playboy with a rehearsal done in London. Next year, after Carnival, I’m going out on Sexy again with my ‘interns’ from the web series I produce. There will be 10 episodes with a team of women who were already making adult content”, she adds.

Model Cris Galera, known as ‘lawyer’: marriage for self-love and divorce for carnival love — Photo: Davi Borges / Publicity

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