bank workers protest against face-to-face return from the risk group

The coordination of the National Banking Command and the Banco do Brasil Employees Business Commission (CEBB) protested to the corporate vice president and the BB people director against the return of employees’ face-to-face feedback, and warned that it must continue to be complied with. the Emergency Collective Bargaining Agreement, which prohibits decommissioning for productivity in the pandemic.

Without any negotiation with the union movement, the bank’s management only announced that it is calling the employees of the risk group, with the exception of pregnant women, to return to face-to-face work.

The return is being gradual, in the months of November and December, observing the minimum percentages of 50% (November), 75% (first half of December) and 100% (until the end of December).

“The union movement is against the return in person in this way and at this time, when there are still uncertainties about a possible new wave of contamination, as is happening in Europe, and given the guidance of the Ministry of Health indicating the need for a dose of reinforcement of the coronavirus vaccine.”

João Fukunaga, coordinator of CEBB and executive director of the Union of Bank Workers of São Paulo, Osasco and region

Contraf-CUT got in touch with the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz). According to the institution, people in the risk group should only return to face-to-face work with guidance from the assistant physician. The representatives of the bank employees demanded that the bank’s management respect this orientation.

In the same communiqué informing about the return of face-to-face return to employees of the risk group, the management of Banco do Brasil finally demanded the complete vaccination cycle from bank employees, a measure advocated for some time by the union movement.

Productivity decommissions will not be accepted

Charging for employees in the risk group to return to face-to-face work suggests that the bank’s management considers the pandemic to be over – despite hundreds of people still dying from covid-19 every day in the country, and the possibility of a new one worldwide wave of contaminations.

This impression lit the alert signal in the union movement for the possibility of the bank starting to make decommissioning for performance, not complying with the Emergency Collective Labor Agreement.

Negotiated between the workers’ representatives and BB’s management, and approved by the employees at a meeting, in March 2020, the Emergency Collective Labor Agreement (Covid-19 Pandemic) provides that there will be no decommissioning for performance while the pandemic lasts; it also provides for an amnesty of 10% of the total balance of negative hours to be compensated and a period for compensation of negative hours of 18 months.

The deal ensured that no banker had lost their role for performance in the nearly two years since the pandemic began.

“We will not accept any decommissioning for performance in the wake of this change made without negotiation and which represents a real attack on the health and rights of workers, and we will sue the judiciary in case of non-compliance with the agreement.”

João Fukunaga, coordinator of CEBB and executive director of the Union of Bank Workers of São Paulo, Osasco and region

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