Businessman goes to vaccinate and finds out through the Health system that he is “dead”

Leonardo Cabral on November 24, 2021

Anderson Gallo/ Diário Corumbaense

Francisco was very surprised by the situation.

Have you ever thought about going to vaccinate and when it’s time to receive the dose, be informed that you can’t, because you’re dead? That’s what happened to the businessman, Francisco Heraldo Cortez Júnior, 38, this Wednesday, November 24, afternoon.

he told the Corumbaense Diary who went to the drive thru that works at the Poliesportivo on Avenida Porto Carrero and was surprised to learn that his Health System (SUS) card was listed as canceled, as he died.

“I went to the drive, which was empty, handed my documents for verification to the attendant. I was surprised by the delay and went to ask what was going on, when the server said that I had ‘died’”, said Francisco, who is known in the city as Chico.

He said that upon receiving the news, the first reaction was one of surprise. “I asked for an explanation, but they didn’t give me, they just asked me to find out about the Social Identification Number (NIS) and then I couldn’t take the booster dose. I think they even suspected me, that I was trying to vaccinate on behalf of someone else”, he added.

After receiving the information, Francisco posted on his social network: “What a phase! I went to vaccinate, they canceled my SUS card! Because I’m dead!”. Even before clarifying what had happened, Francisco deduced that because he has the name of his father, who has already died, there was this mistake.

“My father died two days after I took the first dose of Pfizer. He died after complications from the covid, he was hospitalized for more than 50 days. The only explanation for what happened on the drive would be that, because we have the same name, with the difference of ‘Junior’”, said Francisco. “Since my father’s death, I haven’t had any problem with documents, I even updated my CPF a few days ago”, he added.

After he posted on the social network, he received a call from a Pedro Paulo I Family Health Strategy server. “They called me and I went there. The person in charge updated the data and said that my SUS card was reactivated and that I can vaccinate without a problem, but I didn’t return due to the operating hours of the drive, which is until 4 pm”, said Chico, who received messages from friends and clients doing the most varied comments.

Municipal Health Department

The report contacted the press office of the Corumbá Health Department, who confirmed that the explanation really is related to the fact that Francis has the same name as his deceased father.

“There was a mistake, but the data has already been corrected in the system and Mr. Francisco can be vaccinated. The Health Department apologizes for the inconvenience caused,” said the press office.

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