Clarín newspaper building targeted by bomb attacks in Argentina

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The newspaper considered the case as “a violent expression of intolerance to a media”

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One of the biggest newspapers in Argentina, Clarín, had its headquarters attacked last Monday night, 22. Between seven and eight homemade bombs, of the Molotov cocktail type, were hurled at the building of the communication vehicle. The information was released by the newspaper itself, in Spanish.

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In an official statement, Clarín said that the attack was carried out shortly after 11 pm by at least nine hooded people. The bombs were hurled near one of the building’s entrances, which was closed, causing a fire to break out. Nobody got hurt.

The Argentine communication group regretted what happened and repudiated the group’s attitude, initially considered an example of intolerance to the press. “We regret and condemn this serious event, which at first sight appears to be a violent expression of intolerance towards a media outlet. We await urgent clarification and punishment”, wrote the newspaper.

Through videos from security cameras at the newspaper’s headquarters, which recorded the moment of the attacks, investigations were launched. Responsible for the case, Judge Luis Rodrígues, Federal Court No. 9, classified the acts of violence as “public intimidation”.

So far, it is believed that the group responsible for the bombs belongs to foreigners. An article published by Clarín points out that a fingerprint was found in one of the unexploded bombs, but the information does not match the bases of the National Register of People (Renaper, acronym in Spanish).

The attack was repudiated by President Alberto Fernández and his deputy, Cristina Kirchner, on social media. “We hope that the events will clear up and the perpetrators will be identified based on the ongoing investigation,” wrote Fernández.

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