Conmebol scores away from home as a tiebreaker criterion

Conmebol announced today (26) the end of the away goal as a tiebreaker criterion in the knockout stages of the competitions it organizes. The measure will already apply to tournament regulations as of 2022 and covers Libertadores and Sudamericana.

“Conmebol eliminates the “guest goal”. From now on, all goals in Conmebol tournaments will have the same value, goals converted in the visitor condition will no longer be considered as a tie-breaking criterion. for greater sporting justice,” wrote Alejandro Domínguez, president of the entity.

In June, Marcel Rizzo’s blog already showed that the subject would come to the fore. The change in the tiebreaker in South American competitions follows the trend around the world. In Brazil, the CBF had already withdrawn this model from the Copa do Brasil. UEFA has also recently been another to carry out this movement.

The tiebreaker does not affect the Libertadores and Sudamericana finals because the winner is defined in a single match, but it interferes with the path in the previous phases. With the change, one possibility is to increase the number of clashes decided on penalties. On the other hand, the home teams can play more openly in the first leg, without having to worry about conceding a goal that affects the qualifier, thinking about the return game.

At the end of 2018, the end of the away goal as a tie-breaker — something that entered the regulation in 2005 — was discussed at Conmebol, but the text was kept unchanged at that time.