Corinthians never won the last four matches of the Brasileirão in the era of running points

In the final stretch, there are only four rounds for the Brazilian Championship to end. Corinthians, in turn, continues to seek to remain in the G4 and get a direct spot for the Libertadores. For this, it would be very important to earn as many points as possible. However, since 2003, Timão has never won the last four games in the competition.

Starting in 2003, when the system of running points in Brasileirão was established, Corinthians carried out different types of campaigns. In addition to the Serie A titles in 2005, 2011, 2015 and 2017, and Serie B in 2008, the Parque São Jorge club also went through low moments. Currently in the top squad, Timão wants to enhance its campaign even more.

Thus, winning the last four games of the competition would make Sylvinho’s team reach the 65 points. Historically, it hasn’t happened, that is, it may be an unprecedented feat for the current cast. The 12 points in dispute in this final stretch will be against Ceará, Athletico, Grêmio and Juventude.

The closest to achieving this feat came in campaigns for 2014, when Corinthians won three games and lost one (in the 37th round, to Fluminense), from 2011, when he had three wins and a draw (in the 38th round, against Palmeiras), in Series B, in 2008, also with three wins and one loss (in the 38th round, against América-RN) and in 2004, in the same situation, when they lost to São Caetano in the first game of the sequence and won the last three.

Reminisce about Corinthians’ last four rounds in the era of running points

BR 2020

  • 35th round: Flamengo 2v1 Corinthians
  • 36th round: Santos 1×0 Corinthians
  • 37th round: Corinthians 0x0 Vasco
  • 38th round: Internacional 0x0 Corinthians

BR 2019

  • 35th round: Corinthians 3×0 Avaí
  • 36th round: Atlético-MG 2×1 Corinthians
  • 37th round: Ceará 0x1 Corinthians
  • 38th round: Corinthians 1×2 Fluminense

BR 2018

  • 35th round: Corinthians 1×0 Vasco
  • 36th round: Athletico 1×0 Corinthians
  • 37th round: Corinthians 0x0 Chapecoense
  • 38th round: Grêmio 1×0 Corinthians

BR 2017

  • 35th round: Corinthians 3×1 Fluminense
  • 36th round: Flamengo 3×0 Corinthians
  • 37th round: Corinthians 2×2 Athletico
  • 38th round: Sport 1×0 Corinthians

BR 2016

  • 35th round: Figueirense 1v1 Corinthians
  • 36th round: Corinthians 1×0 Internacional
  • 37th round: Corinthians 0x0 Atlético-MG
  • 38th round: 3×2 Corinthians Cruise

BR 2015

  • 35th round: Vasco 1v1 Corinthians
  • 36th round: Corinthians 6v1 São Paulo
  • 37th round: Sport 2×0 Corinthians
  • 38th round: Corinthians 1v1 Avaí

BR 2014

  • 35th round: Goiás 0x1 Corinthians
  • 36th round: Corinthians 1×0 Grêmio
  • 37th round: Fluminense 5×2 Corinthians
  • 38th round: Corinthians 2×1 Criciúma

BR 2013

  • 35th round: Corinthians 0x0 Vasco
  • 36th round: Flamengo 1×0 Corinthians
  • 37th round: Corinthians 0x0 Internacional
  • 38th round: Nautical 1×0 Corinthians

BR 2012

  • 35th round: Corinthians 5×1 Coritiba
  • 36th round: Internacional 0x2 Corinthians
  • 37th round: Corinthians 1v1 Santos
  • 38th round: São Paulo 3v1 Corinthians

BR 2011

  • 35th round: Ceará 0x1 Corinthians
  • 36th round: Corinthians 2×1 Atlético-MG
  • 37th round: Figueirense 0x1 Corinthians
  • 38th round: Corinthians 0x0 Palmeiras

BR 2010

  • 35th round: Corinthians 1×0 Cruzeiro
  • 36th round: 1v1 Corinthians victory
  • 37th round: Corinthians 2×0 Vasco
  • 38th round: Goiás 1v1 Corinthians

BR 2009

  • 35th round: Avaí 3×1 Corinthians
  • 36th round: Corinthians 2×3 Nautical
  • 37th round: Corinthians 0x2 Flamengo
  • 38th round: Atlético-MG 0x3 Corinthians

BR 2008 (Series B)

  • 35th round: Youth 1v2 Corinthians
  • 36th round: Corinthians 3×1 Vila Nova
  • 37th round: Corinthians 3×2 Avaí
  • 38th round: América-RN 2×0 Corinthians

BR 2007

  • 35th round: Corinthians 2×2 Athletico
  • 36th round: Goiás 1v1 Corinthians
  • 37th round: Corinthians 0x1 Vasco
  • 38th round: Grêmio 1v1 Corinthians

BR 2006

  • 35th round: Figueirense 0x0 Corinthians
  • 36th round: Corinthians 1v1 Fluminense
  • 37th round: Botafogo 0x0 Corinthians
  • 38th round: Corinthians 5×3 Youth

BR 2005

  • 39th round: São Caetano 1×0 Corinthians
  • 40th round: Corinthians 1v1 Internacional
  • 41st round: Corinthians 3×1 Ponte Preta
  • 42nd round: Goiás 3×2 Corinthians

BR 2004

  • 43rd round: São Caetano 2v1 Corinthians
  • 44th round: Corinthians 3×1 Vasco
  • 45th round: Botafogo 1v2 Corinthians
  • 46th round: Corinthians 5×2 Figueirense

BR 2003

  • 43rd round: Guarani 0x1 Corinthians
  • 44th round: Corinthians 1×2 Bahia
  • 45th round: Corinthians 1v1 Paraná Clube
  • 46th round: Grêmio 3×0 Corinthians

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