Criticized and ignored by Palmeirenses, Fox Sports narrator explains controversy and talks about Libertadores decision

João Guilherme, narrator for the Disney Group, will work on the game between Palmeiras x Flamengo. The clubs decide the Copa Libertadores 2021 next Saturday in Montevideo.

Palmeiras fans have already declared tantrums to the narrator and also to the Fox Sports channel, which will broadcast the grand final. Over time, João created a strong identification with Flamengo and commits some exaggerations in the transmissions. He explained the reasons for the proximity.

“The last game of Palmeiras that I narrated was in May 2013. A game in Pacaembu against Tijuana for Libertadores. Since then, it’s been more than 8 years and I’ve never narrated Palmeiras games for reasons of scale… At Fox Sports, where I worked during that period, because I was from Rio de Janeiro, the direction understood that I should narrate the games of the cariocas. I played a lot in Rio and most were from Flamengo. So, obviously, I have more identification with Flamengo fans because of that,” he argued.

“It’s a huge responsibility. I was selected by Disney to make a Libertadores final of this size. So, it is not appropriate for any kind of attitude that is not professional. I’m there to do the best for me and for the company I represent, for the shirt I wear, which is the Disney group. But of course, the fan is moved by emotion, by passion. And he is under no obligation to understand this. And I already have a 33-year career, I started narrating football before social media, and now I’m in their period. I completely understand all these manifestations, I know that they are moved by emotion, whether for good or bad”, he revealed to UOL Esporte.

With thousands of negative manifestations on social media, João says he understands the fan profile, but he doesn’t agree.

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“I understand the demonstrations. If they don’t want to accept it too, that’s fine in the same way. There is freedom, choices. You can choose whichever way you like, which suits you the most. You can be at your ease. Now, one thing you can be sure of: we will do a broadcast giving our best, it will be something very remarkable. I honestly take it all in stride. A lot of people are like ‘oh and stuff’, but I understand the fans. I understand the fan, man. Even because he is not in reason, but moved by emotion. And when that happens, reason is on the side. You can’t discuss, you can understand, reveal and do our job in the best way,” he added.

Preference for SBT

The people from Palmeira have already raised the channel chosen for the final: SBT. According to the average of opinions, Silvio Santos’ station maintains its impartiality and takes in some personalities, such as Ratinho, traditionally from Palmeira.

Another point mentioned is the “luck” that Téo José promotes to Palmeiras. In the 2020 campaign, when the narrator was working, Alviverde achieved good results, which ended in the victorious campaign to conquer the bi-championship of Libertadores.

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