Dayane accuses Solange of doing VT when he sees her with sheep

Solange Gomes left the house at the headquarters of “A Fazenda 13” (RecordTV) and went down to guard the sheep in the pen. While trying to call the animals, she was accused by Dayane Mello of ‘doing VT’, that is, acting to appear in the edition of the program.

“Little VT of love! LITTLE VT of evil that is bad. LITTLE VT of snake”, replied the ex-bathtub Gugu, who returned to trying to organize the sheep. “Envious! You’re even angry at my love for you.”

Dayane continued yelling and mocking, but Solange shrugged, “Oh, you’re jealous!”

“Only the beasts that fall,” sneered the former Grande Fratello. “The camera is turned, Sol!”

Gugu’s ex-bathtub continued to fumble while guarding the scattered sheep. Aline, noticing the provocations that were taking place, shouted to Solange: “Sun, enjoy! Really play! Make your VT, friend!”.

“There are people with envy, who don’t have love in their hearts! At least it’s not mean TV. It’s with the babies”, replied the ex-bathtube. Aline laughed.

Seeing that Solange was still unsuccessful with the animals, Bil came down to help her. Once all the sheep had entered the pen, she and the ex-BBB climbed back up to headquarters.

“Now it’s time to do my VT with the horse!” announced Aline.

“O Aline, do the VT with the horse in a bikini!”, suggested Solange.

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