Dayane Mello mocks Marina’s appearance in ‘The 13th Farm’ | The Farm 13

Dayane Mello he again expressed his displeasure with Mariana Ferrari’s appearance in “A Fazenda 13”. In conversation about the pawn with Gui Araujo and MC Gui this Wednesday (24). The trio, along with Sthefane Matos, is in the 10th Roça. During the conversation, the three complained about the way of playing the digital influencer who voted for Anitta’s ex-boyfriend.

Annoyed with Marina, Gui Araujo stated that the girl “only does what is convenient” in confinement. “He’s never been able to stand to hear a ‘no’ or a criticism in his life”, said the worker, who already had an involvement with the participant at the beginning of the program, but over the days they walked away. “It still interprets everything the way she wants it.” opined the funkeiro, who also had discomfort with the girl.

In fact, alone, she doesn’t beat her chest, right? Alone she does not want. She needs her friends”, she criticized Dayane Mello, who then suggested a nickname referring to her fellow prisoner’s ears. “How is that [personagem] of the Seven Dwarfs? Dombo? The one with the giant ear”, asked the model, but MC Gui corrected: “Dunga”.

“I’ll put [apelido de] Dope at the Marina now. When I say Dunga, it’s because Dunga arrived and you already know why”, mocked the former sister of “BBB” Italy, Gran Fratello. This way of referring to Marina Ferrari is by criticizing the size of the influencer’s ears, which for Dayane are large. However, this type of comment has already occurred in the program other times.

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At one of the parties, Dayane spoke badly about Marina’s body when claiming that she looks like a man. “Sexy, zero! The least sensual woman I’ve seen in this house… Beauty isn’t all that either. I don’t even think she’s pretty!”, commented the model being reprimanded by Rico Melquiades. Next, the model commented that her colleague was “too muscular” for being a woman. “I think she’s perfect. You must be jealous!”, said the former MTV.

On another occasion, during a dynamics, Marina spoke to Dayane’s face that she knew what she said about her body. “I’ve seen Day talking really bad about people here and then hugging. The same thing as Vale [Valentina Francavilla] scored by Rico, I’ll score for her too. She puts a mask on her face. What I saw her talking about me here is that she called me a beast, said I was ugly without makeup, even talked about my body, which is very muscular and ugly”, he shot.

“She talks so much that she defends women and behind her back she talks like that”, completed the piece. Screaming, Dayane interrupted her and denied that she had said these statements. But Aline got in the middle of the discussion and defended Marina. “You said that yes. Rico and I were at the party and Rico went with his foot on his chest to defend Marina“, he said.

However, the model continued to deny it. “You are raising agendas to promote yourself. I’m a model and I watch. I think a muscular female body is ugly, between her and Mileide’s body, Mileide’s is much better. They rely on people, I’m not masked, because what I say, I say face to face. Rico ended up with you here live and you’re hugging him”, he said.