Deputy Evandro Roman loses term for party infidelity – News

By 4 votes to 3, the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) decided to cancel the mandate of deputy Evandro Roman (Patriota-PR) for party infidelity. He left the PSD in 2019 to join the current party. Now, the plenary of the Court understood that he did not meet all the conditions to change the acronym.

The magistrates assess that the presentation of a letter of consent, as Roman did when leaving the PSD, is not enough to change the subtitles without the fact configuring party infidelity. The rapporteur of the case, Minister Edson Fachin, voted for the impeachment. He was followed by Minister Luís Roberto Barroso, the current president of the TSE.

For Barroso, if this type of exchange is made only upon delivery of the letter, there is a risk of generalizing the subtitle changes, defrauding the voter’s vote.

“We need, in Brazil, to reduce the number of parties and have greater programmatic authenticity of these parties, which, of course, does not seem possible if each congressman does what he likes best, regardless of party orientation”, highlighted the magistrate.

Minister Sérgio Banhos and former Minister Tarcísio Vieira, who has already left the Court and voted in previous sessions, followed the rapporteur’s vote. Alexandre de Moraes and Luís Felipe Salomão were against the loss of office.

According to electoral legislation, the change of party can only occur under certain conditions:

• within the 30-day party window in the election year;

• merger of parties or incorporation into another acronym;

• deviation in the party program from the current parliamentary acronym;

• moving to a newly created party;

• if the politician has suffered serious personal discrimination in the initials.

The rules do not apply to presidents, governors and senators, as they are chosen in majority elections, won by whoever has the most votes. In the case of deputies and councilors, the party coalition can lead to the election of even those who receive fewer unique votes. Senators represent their states and must defend local interests. Deputies represent the entire people, in accordance with constitutional provisions.

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