DICE plans mega patch pack for Battlefield 2042 later this year

Two updates should come to fix various bugs reported by players

Updates and improvements are coming soon to Battlefield 2042. THE DICE announced on the game’s official blog, this Tuesday (23), that at least two updates relevant will reach the FPS still in 2021. The actions seem to try to correct the course of the game that has been negatively evaluated by players and critics. Battlefield 2042 was released last Friday (19).

The updates calendar released foresees adjustments coming this Thursday (25), which should reduce some server instability problems. the developers claim that performance problems have two different roots: the server and the client hardware.

Another update will come in December and this was classified by the developers as “substantial”. According to the statement, this update should fix interface issues, map errors, graphical bugs, game modes, progression, rendering, HUD and various other issues.

THE DICE committed to working to increase frame rates and optimize other operations in the near term. But he also said that for significant improvements, the process takes time.

Testing BATTLEFIELD 2042 with various hardware LIVE!

Testing BATTLEFIELD 2042 with various hardware LIVE!
Let’s see how the minimum recommendations do and what else the chat wants!


Due to the problems identified early in the release of Battlefield 2042, a DICE took advantage of the statement to thank players for their engagement in the game. According to the producer, millions of people have already played the new franchise title. The developers also stated that, compared to the previous debut, Battlefield 2042 registered almost double the number of players in the debut. No official number, however, was released by DICE.

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Since its launch, SteamDB has registered a drop in the number of players in the game via Steam. The database shows that on its debut, Friday (19), the peak of simultaneous players was 105 thousand people. Today, the game registers on average 50 thousand users simultaneous during the peak. These numbers are not totals, as Battlefield 2042 can be played on other platforms as well.


Battlefield 2042 was released on November 19, 2021. The game is available for Xbox one, Xbox Series S | X, Playstation 4, PlayStation 5 and PRAÇA, via Steam, Epic Games Store and Origin. For PC, the price of the game is BRL 249.00.


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Via: Neowin Source: EA