Du Queiroz comments on versatility as a side and steering wheel and tells of inspiration from Paulinho and Elias

A wild part of Sylvinho’s team, Du Queiroz has been gaining more and more minutes at Corinthians. The player has already acted as a full-back, midfielder and even more advanced in midfield. All of this in a short period of time since he rose to pro. At 21, Du is a spawn of Terrão and told a little about his trajectory and this rotation of positions.

“I arrived as a right-back, when I was 13 years old, and they told me they saw a steering wheel characteristic in me, so, from then on, up to 15 (years old) I started playing behind the wheel, but I never lost the essence of the lateral. I have this wisdom, and from then on, I was more steering”, he told at a press conference this Wednesday.

It is good to remember that the athlete had his contract renewed in October, increasing his bond with the club until December 2024. Sylvinho, in turn, has already approved the boy’s performances in different positions several times. As for preference, Du was emphatic when he said he can play more than one role, in addition to telling how his first steps with the coach were.

“Like I said, I started my base as a full-back, I’m a defensive midfielder, but I’m available to the coach, I’m here to help, I can discern, I know how to do both. Wherever I need it, wherever he wants to put me, I’ll be there. There was some integrated training, there always is, and in those training sessions I was doing well, giving my all, because I really wanted this opportunity. And before a game, against Chapecoense, Sylvinho called me and told me I was going to the game, and I believe he knew how to grab the best possible way. Nothing has been easy in my life and football is no different, I think I knew how to seize the opportunity,” he said.

Being a Corinthians fan, inspiration could not be lacking. Du was asked if he had any references in names that marked times in Timão, such as Paulinho and Elias. The 37 shirt did not hesitate when stating that he is inspired by former players and idols.

“It’s impossible not to have them as references, most of them were idols at the club, I’m young, I’m still looking to learn, I need to improve a lot as a professional and I’m really inspired by them,” he said.

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