Elderberry tea: what are the health benefits and how to make it at home

The elderberry is nothing more than a type of medicinal plant widely found in temperate and subtropical regions. scientific name sambucus nigra, is also known as black elderberry or European elderberry. O elderberry tea, as Casa & Agro, by Tecnonotícias, will show today, November 25th, is the most common way of using the plant, since the drink is able to appropriate a large part of its therapeutic properties.

So, to find out what these properties are, we recommend that you follow us on the reading below. With this, you will be able to understand how to prepare the elderberry tea, as well as the maximum recommended amount of consumption to best obtain the benefits.

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Advantages of elderberry tea consumption

elderberry tea
Elderberry tea: what are the health benefits and how to make it at home. Photo: Freepik

This plant is commonly found in health care stores. Furthermore, it has a long history within alternative medicine. Its tea is prepared from dried elderflower flowers, providing:

nutritional source

Elderberry has a variety of nutrients such as carbohydrates, potassium, as well as beneficial fats, fiber, sodium, protein, vitamin A, B6, C, magnesium, calcium and iron.

Anti-aging and anti-aging effect

One of the benefits of tea is its antioxidant compound, which can fight free radicals within the body. Such free radicals can cause problems such as cardiovascular disease, stroke and cancer.

Antioxidants, as well as the flavonoids and anthocyanins found in beverages, can protect the body’s cells, helping to reduce cell degradation and reduce the impact of aging on the body.

Benefits for the immune system

Elderberry tea is rich in vitamin C, so it helps to strengthen the immune system and helps fight and prevent viruses and infectious diseases.

This vitamin is rich in elderberry and is also important for the health and elasticity of the skin as it is involved in the formation of collagen, which is a tissue supporting material.

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Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

People with type 2 diabetes benefit from this elderberry tea as it helps control blood sugar levels.

swelling reduction

Due to its diuretic properties, the drink combats swelling from fluid retention, as it can eliminate the excess remaining in the tissues through urine. Thus, it should be consumed in moderation in order to avoid dehydration.

Possessing antiviral and antibacterial properties

Its antiviral and antibacterial properties can boost immune system function, helping to alleviate allergies. This treats various problems, such as: flu, fever, cold, respiratory problems, among others.

How to make elderberry tea

To make the drink, you will need:

  • 100 grams or 8 tablespoons of dried elderflower flowers;
  • 2 liters of water.

Add the dried elderflowers to boiling water. Then remove the tea from the heat, letting the flowers soften for about 10 minutes. The consumption recommendation is to drink 3 cups a day.

Elderly tea care and contraindications

Despite having so many benefits and being natural, the infusion requires medical advice. This is because it cannot be used as a substitute for medication. Therefore, if you have any more serious health problems, as well as using medications, consult your doctor to find out if you can take the elderberry tea or if you have drug interaction risks.

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