Foundation points out suspicion of hacker attack on application used in PSDB previews

The Support Foundation of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Faurgs) attributed the problems that the application developed for the PSDB previews presented last Sunday (21) to a possible hacker attack.

The situation created an impasse in the party, which uses the internal electoral process to define between three candidates – the governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite; the governor of São Paulo, João Doria; and the former mayor of Manaus Arthur Virgílio Neto — its candidate for president in 2022.

“The survey by Faurgs pointed out as the most likely cause a congestion of accesses incompatible with the number of registered voters. Therefore, Faurgs considers the occurrence of a hacker attack on the application very plausible, starting at 8:15 am — since from 7:00 am the system worked perfectly, with around two thousand votes counted”, said the entity’s project director, Hugo Müller Neto, in a note released this Wednesday (24).

According to Hugo, “there was an unusual demand for data processing capacity between 8:00 and 18:00”, which prevented the use of the application during the period. After the problem, “still a thousand votes were counted”.

“Faurgs clarifies that, under normal contracted conditions, the developed software worked perfectly. The platform used (Azure Microsoft) is capable of much more access than the size of the electoral college [44.828 pessoas]. The instability, therefore, was due to conditions external to the application”, said the director of the foundation.

Also according to him, the secrecy of the approximately three thousand votes registered in the system is preserved, the “determination of the causes of the abnormality in the system must be confirmed at the initiative” of the PSDB, and the application is ready to be used.

The PSDB contract with Faurgs for the development of the application reached R$ 1.3 million.

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