Grandmother shows Marília Mendonça’s baby and Murilo Huff unburdens herself

Marília Mendonça’s mother delighted when she showed the singer’s son with Murilo Huff

the mother of Marília Mendonça, Ruth Moreira, was thrilled to show the late singer’s son with the singer Murilo Huff. Ruth showed little Leo, one year and eleven months old, playing ball and enchanted.

When showing the cute scene, Ruth put the song “Leãozinho” by Caetano Veloso in the background. She just put the excerpt that says: “I love to see you, little lion. Walking in the sun. I really like you, little lion. To despond, little lion. My heart is so lonely. I just have to meet you on the way.”

The netizens were nothing but praise for little Léo. “Léo is very beautiful! May you have the strength to take care of your grandson”, commented a netizen. And a netizen commented: “Very beautiful! Little Leo may God bless you always”. Another internet user commented: “How cute! Leo is our treasure!”.

Murilo Huff she recently vented about her distancing from social media since Marília Mendonça left. The singer dated Marília for four years and has little Léo together. When she left, the couple had only been separated for two months. The singer said: “I know I’m a little gone, but I promise that little by little I’ll be back… I’m just giving my head a little time to assimilate everything and to recompose myself and I don’t want to give you any sadness either, quite the opposite! Thanks for all the messages of support and affection”.

Now, Murilo Huff also made a vengeance about his focus at the time. “What’s up guys, how’s it going? How are you? I’m going to wish you a blessed afternoon, okay? Stay with God! We’re together! I was listening to some new songs from our new work that was recorded in October here in Goiânia. One of the songs would be released on the 13th of this month and we obviously chose to cancel the release, we don’t know the next date yet, but as soon as we know I’ll let you know. But anyway, where I want to go, listening to the songs I was very happy with the result. I started to reflect on this opportunity I have to make you smile, bring joy to you through my music. And that’s what I want to focus on now, I want to focus on bringing you joy through my music, that’s what I’ve always done, what I’ve always tried to do and that’s it. I count on your support a lot, support from those who like me and I hope very soon to be able to show this work that was done with great care. And I hope you guys enjoy it a lot and can be happy listening to this work. That this is our intention here,” he said.

Murilo and Ruth Moreira recently announced that custody of little Léo will be shared between the two. The baby will even continue to live in the same house where he used to live with Marília Mendonça. This is because Marília lived with Ruth Moreira and little Léo will continue to live with his grandmother.

Mother of Marília Mendonça showing the singer's son with Murilo Huff

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