‘If you talk, I’ll take a hook. I have to be quiet and hang on’

Athletico-PR forward was substituted in the first half against São Paulo after a tough attack from the full-back and complained at halftime

Renato Kayzer, forward of Athletico-PR, needed to be replaced in the first half of the match against São Paulo, this Wednesday (24), by the Brazilian championship, after suffering a hard entry from Reinaldo.

the attacker of the Drilling suffered was stepped on by the left-back in the 13th minute, but tried to stay in the game despite the pain. At 24, he couldn’t stand it and gave way to Pedro Rocha. In the bid, the São Paulo defender received a yellow card from Leandro Vuaden. VAR has not been triggered.

After leaving the field, Kayzer wept on the bench and was comforted by teammates and staff members. At halftime, the 79th shirt told “Globo” that Reinaldo ‘almost broke your leg’ and joked.

“Say what? Only those far away didn’t see it. On television did. Broke my shin guard, almost broke my leg, my ankle is huge. What am I going to say? If I talk about the guy, I’ll take a hook. .

Arbitration commentator of the Disney channels, Renata Ruel disagreed with the field decision. According to her, the bid was for expulsion.

“Things like this one by Reinaldo, the entire championship was red carded and the VAR suggested reviewing most of the times when the referee didn’t see or apply yellow. It was red, endangering the physical integrity of Kaizer. Vuaden and VAR were wrong. “he stated.