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There were 39 points on Wednesday night. Back from suspension for punching Detroit Pistons Isiah Stewart in the face, LeBron James was instrumental in the Los Angeles Lakers’ victory over the Indiana Pacers. The hook, however, is still choked. After the triumph, the star claimed not to have intentionally attacked his rival.

– His elbow got a little high, and – if you look, if you watch the video – it threw me a little. His elbow lifted my arm and I basically tried to swim over him, into his arm. And when I rocked down on his arm, he lost his balance, and the left side of my hand brushed his face. And I knew right away. I knew immediately that I had taken a part of his head. I went to apologize to him and obviously you saw what happened after that. But it was definitely accidental,” he said.

LeBron James after sending off in Lakers-Pistons game — Photo: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James was punished by the NBA with one game suspension after punching Detroit Pistons pivot Isaiah Stewart in the face in Sunday’s game (see video below). Stewart’s reaction saw the player suffer a major punishment of two games. The duel ended with a victory for the Lakers after a loss of 17 points.

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Bloodied, Stewart wanted to go after his rival (see the video below). It had to be restrained several times by teammates and staff. LeBron was ejected with a blatant 2 foul. It was his second career expulsion. The pivot took two technical fouls and also ended up being sent off.

LeBron, according to The Athletic reporter Shams Charania, tried to find Stewart’s phone number to apologize. Still, he believes the one-game suspension was exaggerated.

– I hate to see what rose after that. I didn’t think it justified (a suspension). I thought it justified an expulsion because of what happened after that. Continuing on court, still in the game, with the excitement of the fans and what could happen after that, obviously. But a suspension, I didn’t think was justified. But the league made that decision and we are here today.

LeBron missed the match against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden, his favorite place to play. As he plays in the Western Conference, it would be the only time he would enter that court this season. The star was obviously not happy.

– I was devastated. It’s my favorite place in the world to play. I was looking forward to it. But that’s what it is…

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