“Marília Mendonça watched my live”, says Juliana Bonde

The controversial singer and dancer Juliana Bonde, vocalist of the band Bonde do Forró, will be at “The Night”, from 12:30 am, on SBT, this Wednesday, November 24th.

The band turned 20, with the right to a future New Year’s show in the United States. Juliana joined the band in 2017, started singing in church.

“I joined the band kind of thanks, I sang at church and composed, I sent a song to the band and they liked it. I ended up becoming a personal friend, I went on a tour and they made me sing a song. Then people forced me to sing and I’m still singing here today”, Juliana recalled.

With nearly 6 million followers on her social network profile, Juliana was successful with her YouTube realities. They are: “Everything for Fame”, “Cooking and Giving” and “Entrando com Bola e Tudo”. All realities have a light version on Youtube and an explicit version on WhatsApp. In addition to the banned version of the realities, WhatsApp has personal videos of her and the girls at the Mansão.

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