Max Atacadista opens in Medianeira

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The Muffato Group inaugurated this Thursday (25), the Max Atacadista in Medianeira. The cash-and-carry business generated around 350 new direct and indirect jobs and promises to further boost the local economy.

The event was attended by the directors and employees of the project, authorities, partners, press and customers.

“It is a pride for Grupo Muffato, we who have our roots in western Paran√°, to be arriving in Medianeira today. Medianeira has developed in recent years, with its strength, with its cooperativism, with its industrialization, and they have been calling the attention of our group, and it was time to bring a unit here to Medianeira”, said Everton Muffato, director of the Muffato Group.

Giant in quality and price!
Max Atacadista Medianeira has 12 thousand m2 of built area, 4,000 m2 of sales area, 300 parking spaces (70% of them are covered) and a gallery with cafeteria, pharmacy, restaurant, cell phone accessories, women’s accessories and natural products. “The store is large, modern and designed to offer the best shopping experience for the customer. In cash-and-carry, from the internal space, sectorization of products, visual communication, lighting to the offer of differentiated gallery services, with outsourced companies, proposal is to make people’s daily lives easier, with more comfort and quality, and on top of that, with a low price!

With a mix of 14 thousand items and variety with the favorite brands of Brazilians, the wholesaler has very attractive prices – wholesale in retail: food, beverages, cleaning materials, hygiene, bazaar, tires and pet line. With a “fresh” proposal, of freshness, quality and technology, it offers a butcher shop with differentiated cuts and packaging that give more quality and flavor to the meats; bakery with exclusive recipes; fresh food produce sector; florist and many others.
The news can be followed on multi-channel communication such as the website, Instagram and Facebook and the inserts can be accessed via WhatsApp: (45) 99133-7431 – offers in the palm of your hand!

The Telesales channel, on 0800 727 9767, also available at the physical store, is aimed at legal entities (PJ) and merchants (via CPF). It has consultants who help in sending the lists, separating the products, leaving everything ready. It’s pass and catch! In addition to all these facilities, Max Atacadista has an exclusive application for corporate quotes, available on Google Play and App Store.

Discount on any quantity!
The Max Atacadista network accepts all credit, debit and benefit cards (food and meals) and offers more advantages on its own card, Crediffato – guarantee of customer credit, agility in transactions without bureaucracy and access to control expenses. Registration can be done on the spot and with Crediffato, the price will always be the wholesale price, regardless of the number of units the customer wishes to take. Order yours now!

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