MC Gui wins the test and is received with silence

Collaboration for Splash, in São Paulo

11/25/2021 00:18Updated on 11/25/2021 00h22

MC Gui was consecrated as the new farmer of “A Fazenda 13” (RecordTV) this night, after fighting over the hat with Arcrebiano and Dayane Mello — who now face the fields with Gui Araujo — and was greeted with the silence of his fellow prisoners. after returning to headquarters, including your allies.

The funkeiro put a handkerchief over his face and entered to the sound of Dayane’s screams. Rico Melquiades, who indicated the singer to the garden, nodded his head in disapproval, while MC Gui vibrated:

Come with the father! MC GUI

Afterwards, Dynho Alves and Gui Araujo went to the pawn to congratulate him. “Got it, asshole!” joked the dancer.

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Antonio Chahestian/Record TV


Antonio Chahestian/Record TV


Antonio Chahestian/Record TV

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